Graduation of Bachelor of Advanced Physics Laboratory Staff (Haris Murtanto, S.Tr.T) and Doctoral Graduation of Lecturer (Dr. Drs. Yusman Wiyatmo, M.Sc.) in Department of Physics Education, FMIPA UNY

Left: Dr. Drs. Yusma Wiyatmo, M.Si, Right: Haris Murtanto, S. Tr. T.

The Department of Physics Education, FMIPA UNY, has been further strengthened by completing doctoral education (S3) from one of the lecturers and undergraduate education from one of the advanced physics laboratories staff. One of the lecturers who completed his doctoral education (S3) is Dr. Drs. Yusman Wiyatmo, M.Si.). Dr. Drs. Yusman Wiyatmo, M.Si, is a lecturer in the Physics Education Study Program and a KBK of Media and Physics Learning Resources member. Dr. Yusman became the best doctoral program graduate with the title Summa Cumlaude. Meanwhile, one of the advanced physics laboratory staff who completed his undergraduate education was Haris Murtanto, S.Tr.T. This laboratory staff, who is familiarly called Mas Haris, has completed his undergraduate education in the Department of Automotive Engineering, Faculty of Vocational Studies, UNY with Cumlaude predicate. Both of them graduated on Saturday, September 2, 2023.