• Post date: 29/10/2019 - 08:23

    PPs UNY held The 5th International Seminar on Science Education with the theme "Industrial Revolution 4.0: Impacts, Challenges, and Strategies in Science Education". One of the aims of holding this activity is to create an academic atmosphere for both students and lecturers, as well as providing facilities to practitioners, especially in the field of Science Education, in carrying out...

  • Post date: 02/03/2019 - 08:23

    Anisotropic plasmonic nanostructures have recently drawn a renewed interest in producing color images with subwavelength resolution and become a powerful tool to implement color image multiplexing.1 Metallic nanostructures produced by...

  • Post date: 01/03/2019 - 08:30

    A total of 120 students from the State Islamic University of Raden Intan Lampung held a Field Work Lecture for Masters in Science Education PPs UNY. The group was received by Dr. Insih Wilujeng and Dr. Heru Kuswanto in the Hall on the 3rd floor of PPs UNY. During this visit, the students shared about the Master of Science Education and Physics Education Study Program.

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  • Post date: 01/12/2015 - 08:23

    The Yogyakarta State University Postgraduate Program has again received an assessment from BAN PT. Thursday, November 26 2015, it was the turn of the Physics Education study program to be assessed by the Assessor Team with Prof. Dr. Motlan and Prof. Dr Icuk Imawan as validator of accreditation form data.

    In accordance with the SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) that apply at UNY,...

  • Post date: 13/11/2015 - 14:26

    The 1st International Seminar on Science Education (ISSE) UNY 2015 which was held on Saturday, October 31 2015 was the first international seminar held by the PPs UNY science education group. In this activity, the participants not only received presentations from keynote speakers from 2 different continents, namely Rena Heap, Ph.D (New Zealand, Australia) and Bambang Sumintono, Ph.D (Malaysia...